Pet Photo

Type: Pet Photos
Price: $5.00


Purchasing a beautiful 4 x 6 professional photo of your pet adopted from the Shelter is as easy as onetwothree!


ONE: Email with the name of your pet (the one he or she had at the Shelter), the approximate date of your pet's adoption, the type of pet (cat, dog, other species) and your current address.  Please include "Pet Photo" in the Subject line.

TWO: If we have photos of your adopted pet, we will email you with options to choose from (in the unlikely event we do not have photos of your pet, we will let you know that too!)

THREE: Email your selection(s) and the number of prints by reply email to and then click back here to pay (each 4 x 6 print is $5.00).  We will mail your print or prints to you promtply after you pay for your selection(s)!


A one time shipping fee of $2.99 will be applied to all print orders regardless of the number of prints ordered..


Commemorate the adoption of your new best friend and help us help other homeless animals!

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